What makes a great volunteer

Yesterday ate CLC we had our Involved! Sunday. This is a day when we celebrate volunteers, have a little expo on positions that are available for volunteers and we teach on the culture of serving.

Mark Wilkins brought a great message during which he took some time to share something he had come across recently about what makes a great volunteer. Three words are helpful when consider this question, they are; FUTURE, ENGAGE, DELIVER


Future…those whose future is aligned to building the church. We have a vision of what we believe the church should look like. People see the vision of the church and want to align their personal future with that vision. Basically, people that say, I’m in.

Engage…we can agree with the vision…but to be a great volunteer we need to engage with vision, get involved! Carry the vision…not just look at it and nod our heads. Mark used the illustration of a pile of vision on the side of stage, people have to engage with it, pick up a piece of it and say I’ll look after that.

Deliver…we set our goals alongside the vision, the future of the church. Commitment to seeing it through! A great volunteer desires to deliver. This is the weekly toil of turning up, preparing, serving, connecting, doing whatever it takes to ensure our piece of the vision is done and done well.