“The local church is the hope of the world and its future lies in the hands of its leaders” – Bill Hybels

Over the last 2 years I’ve got into NFL (American Football) and started to support the New York Jets. At present Rex Ryan is their head coach and I recently saw a broadcast of one of his team talks that was full of lessons for us.

I think we can learn from lots of sources about leadership and NFL teams have some synergy with church because teams are large with players taking responsibility for different disciplines. In NFL you actually have an offense, a defense, a kicking team and a special team.

Anyway here’s what Rex said, “I believe in our team, I believe we are the best team in the league.” “This team however, is only going so far if I’m the only guy that leads, We wont win guys if its all about me, if I’m the only leader.” Rex was addressing a loss and some bad preparation for the game by the defense. “Let’s make sure we play this weekend like the New York Jets.”

Three things from Rex’s speech that inspire me.

1. I Believe in Our Church.
I think Christian Life Church is amazing, I think the vision we have is awesome and the things we long to achieve are both God-given and awe inspiring. I totally believe in this church!

2. The Church is going nowhere if I’m the only guy that leads.
Thankfully that’s not true of us we have many taking positions of leadership, but the principle is that we need leadership throughout the church and leadership that grows, develops, believes in the church like I do, is passionate and leadership that produces other leaders too. I’m so glad the days of church being a one-man band have gone, I love seeing others growing and functioning in what God has given them to do.

3. Let’s make sure we do Church like CLC.
Rex was annoyed because the defense had not prepared properly for the game they lost. There’s a CLC way that we do things, I’m not saying its the right way, just that its right for us. I’m not saying its the only way, just that its the way for us. The culture of faith-hope-love should run throughout everything we do. The values of excellence, teamwork, Spirit and Word are crucial to our success. Filling every activity, programme, preparation time etc. with prayer is crucial. It shows humility, its leaders saying, we need you God, we want you God, we are thirsty for more from you.

Let’s do Church like CLC