Leadership Summit Day One Eve Mtg – Phil Pringle

Four Things That Are The Essence of Leadership

1. You Have A Vision:
2. You Are A Team Builder:
3. You Are A Decision Maker: make a decision to start something new when you get home from this conference. Your ceiling is the level of your ability to make difficult decisions. This is including confrontation with people.
Phil’s script for confronting people.
– Is what you are doing helpful?
– Well I’m concerned, I don’t think it’s helpful?
– You are out of order.
4. You Are A Problem Solver: take a moment for the miraculous.


Habbakkuk 2:1-4 The anatomy of a dream, the journey of a vision.

A good idea is very different to a God idea
– my vision is my obedience

The first thing Habakkuk does is position himself to hear from God. Solitude and silence. No tree struggles to bear fruit, the trees struggle is to find moisture. Your struggle as a person called by God is to get your roots into God’s Word and into Fellowship.

  1. Positioning is a Physical positioning:
  2. Positioning is a Relational positioning:
  3. Positioning is a Theological positioning: Grace not Law. In Christ, his righteousness not ours.
  4. Positioning is a Linguistic position: We speak God’s truth into our own lives. Thankfulness is the language of Big people. Praise is the language of Victory.

In that place…alone with God…relationship not religion…grace/his righteousness…and speaking out praise…in that place you start to see things. Vision.

When I see a vision, I meditate on it, I keep recalling it and I put scripture on it, Ephesians 3:20 – Phil Pringle

You need to write a vision down, make it simple and keep communicating it all the time…weekly! If you are the leader you are the visionary.

The journey of a dream It tarries…but though it tarry it will come to pass. The trying of your faith develops patience. Disappointment and discouragement happen to all of us.

Just because you’ve got a vision it doesn’t mean that its guaranteed to come to pass.