Lead Summit Day 2 Session 1 – Paul Scanlon


The best is yet to come as more to do with us than we think it does.

The Blessing of Low Maintenance People

Low maintenance people are not celebrated but they are a gift to the local church.

The benefit of having been around for decades is that you can see patterns. Everybody loves low maintenance people but we don’t realise that’s what we love about them because we haven’t named it.

Some people are professionals at being High Maintenance.
Many low maintenance people didn’t start that way. Jesus had, Peter, James and John etc.

  • High maintenance people (HMP) constant sense of urgency.
  • HMP always have a drama attached to their life
  • HMP are never satisfied
  • HMP are obsessed with details
  • HMP bring problems without solutions
  • HMP do not believe they are HMP


  1. emotionally inexpensive: (are like stepping onto a battleship HMP are like getting into a canoe), not feeling driven
  2. not attention seekers: don’t care about recognition, applause etc.
  3. popular:
  4. agreeable: focus on the common ground
  5. thick skinned:
  6. deep root into God rather than a straw into people: (straw sucking life out) if the only time you open your bible is when the pastor asks you to we have a problem.

Thought this talk Paul celebrated a couple in the Church in Bradford. Alistair & Sylvia Humphries…