The 3 Most Valuable Culture Conversations

Today ended a period of serving as Executive Pastor at Alive Church in Lincoln ( under the leadership of Stuart and Irene Bell. It has been the most amazing experience and privilege. I have benefited so much from my time at Alive and greatly from the proximity of serving Stuart and Irene.

During that time I have been blessed to bring a weekly ‘culture thought’ during Staff Meetings on Tuesdays. Today was my last thought and I thought I’d make it a good one and also share it here.

What follows are what I genuinely believe to be the three most important culture conversations we can have.

1. The Conversation We Have About God:

Simply stated conversations like. “This is how God thinks,” “This is what God desires.” “This is where God lives.” On that last thought we know that God visits everywhere, places of brokenness, chaos, death, mediocrity etc. but we also know that he lives in places of healing, health, life, order and excellence etc.. He visits to rescue, save and redeem so that healing, life, order and excellence can emerge and be our experience.

The conversation about God is extremely valuable.

2. The Conversation We Have With Others:

This conversations goes like this…”Here’s how we do it here.” or “That’s not how we do it here.” Statements like, “We are more generous than that,” “We are more loving than that,” “We are more passionate and committed than that.” All these conversations are hugely valuable and important.

3. The Conversation We Have With Ourselves:

This is the most important conversation, it happens to be the conversation I have to have all of the time, here’s how it goes… “I don’t want to live like that,” “I won’t participate in this gossip/negativity.” “I’m not going to be that person.” etc.

This conversation is where all of culture transformation begins when I decide and you decide to BE THE CHANGE we want to see.

Here’s to creating a healthier you, me and a better future for all that we lead.