LEAD SUMMIT 2016 – Paul Scanlon 1

We should never attempt to grow the church we should be always be seeking to grow BIG PEOPLE.

1 Kings 8:14-19
It really mattered to God to let us know that David had the dream to build to build the temple in his heart although he was not the one who built it.



Cathedral’s took between 2-500 years to build. Society thrives when people plant trees under which their children will never sit.

Many of us grew up with a “Final generation mentality”. – nothing good came from that theology. This theology is still here. It has taken on new clothes. It comes disguised in the immediate, live for now don’t build for the future ideologies in Church.

A Cathedral sized dream means you will live and build and invest in something that you may or may not see within your own lifetime. We must re-examine our approaches and our language because we are creating inertia as we wait for revival.

The big R should not stand for Revival but RESPONSIBILITY!

How come we are always ‘going to’ the move of God. How come the “move of God” is always where I am not.

The local Church is the greatest move of God! If you could GPS the address of God. You and I would show up. The local church would show up.

If people would commit, give themselves, apply themselves – maybe then we could, in time, see something we might call a move of God.

The greatest strategy for church growth is what I’m looking at. You!

The problem in the church is not the lack of an outpouring of God, he poured out 2000 years ago, the problem is that we need an outpouring of you.

Whatever God is going to do in the next 20years isn’t in heaven it’s in you!!!!!!

God is saying it’s not my move…Peter said, “This is that.” Newsflash: It is still that!

God will wait generations to find someone he can use… God is drawn to movement, God is drawn to motion. He will attach himself to unlikely people

What is in your heart that you need to get out.