Proven Techniques for Developing Your Talent. Tip #1

Some years ago I read the book “The Talent Code” by Daniel Cole. In that book Coyle dispels the myth that talent is intrinsic. rather he puts forth an argument that talent is developed and grown.

He came to this conclusion by researching what he calls talent hot beds like:

• A ramshackle Moscow tennis club that had, over the previous three years, produced more Top 20 women players than the entire United States.
• A humble Adirondacks music camp where students accomplish one year’s worth of progress in seven weeks.
• A San Mateo, California, inner-city charter school that, in four years, transformed a student population perennially ranked at the bottom of state math scores into one that scored in the ninety-sixth percentile.
• A Dallas vocal studio that has, over the past decade, developed millions of dollars’ worth of pop-music talent.
• A ski academy in Vermont with an enrollment of a hundred that has produced fifty Olympic skiers over the past forty years

In the book The Little Book of Talent Coyle distils his findings into 52 tips. I made a short video about tip No.1 which is


Coyle discovered that people in talent hotbeds stare. They observe closely and intently people who are the leaders in their field. The short video below delves a little more deeply into this first tip.