“Wait a minute,” I hear you cry. “You are busy advertising your Imagine Women’s Conference on the 11-13th May and now you say you don’t do a women’s conference. What’s Going on?” Well, I’m glad you asked. Yes, imagine is a conference for women, its’ goal and design is to empower women for life. However, it is also designed to be so much more than a women’s conference, it’s designed to be a revolution.

The facts are these:

In Some Places Women Are Still Held Back

And where that is true, and it is true in society but it is also true in the Church, we want to proclaim:

This Is Not What Jesus Had In Mind

It is also true that:

In Some Places Women Are Only Partially Released

Again, this is true in society but also in the Church. In society women still earn less than men and fill a small percentage of the most senior positions. In the Church they lead some ministries, women lead women, women lead children but often the possible release is still only partial. Where this is true we want to announce:

This Is Not All That Jesus Had In Mind

At IKON Church, and therefore through Imagine conference, we want to champion something far more positive and true than these positions. We want to:

Model A Better Way

And through modelling a better way we want to say:

This Is Exactly What Jesus Had In Mind!

In order to do that we need to fill the room. We need YOU to be in the room as  women to be empowered and as  leaders to be part of the conversation. Part of the solution. I’m urging you to be involved.

This Matters! It matters because we cannot go another generation without seeing this problem fixed. Yes, we’ll deal with the objections and the opposition and we’ll answer or point to the answers for the tough questions. We’ll do everything with a spirit of grace and peace, but I also believe that together we will make a difference.

Below is a little more information about the conference. I would love to see you there!




Conference Website:   IKON Church