You Were Designed To Change

If something doesn’t change it’s dead. Some people die well before they hit the grave. Benjamin Franklin said,

Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75

This isn’t meant to be the case, it is not what you or I were designed for. We were designed to change. The evidence for this is all around us. Physically you will regenerate several times over the course of your life. Your skin is not the same as the skin you had 7 years ago and will not be the same skin 7 years from now. You are changing and this is good news. We get to become someone different, we all have this potential.

Do you ever look back on old photos and feel embarrassed? My mum used to carry an old photo of herself with me at around age 8 that was taken at a party with some of her friends from Church. The photo had an embarrassing story about me attached to it. Thankfully my mum didn’t always tell that story, although she often would, but regardless of whether the story was aired or not, whenever she pulled out the photo, embarrassment was all I could feel. Some years later I wondered why was I so embarrassed and why at times I felt so angry as she once again pulled out the photo that clearly meant a lot to her. That’s when I realised, I was feeling like this because I had changed. The photo had been taken in an embarrassing season for me and I had moved on, I was more mature, I had gone beyond the story being told and I didn’t want people to see me as I was back then but as I was now. I wanted people to see that I had changed!

Believe You Can

So, where do you start, how do you begin to change? Well you begin by believing that you can. Most people don’t change partly because they don’t realise that change is possible and not just possible but that they are designed for it. I have sympathy and empathy with that posture. I mean how many times have you tried to change and failed or changed for a short period, only to return to your old habits and ways. Those experiences log in our brains and therefore we doubt our ability to truly change. Not only that but you and I have years of patterned living and thinking that work against our change process also. Some would say that we also have thousands of years of human history too that can work against some of the changes we want to see in our lives because humanity, such as it is, leaves its mark on all of us.

However, do not despair because you can change, you are designed to change. You have everything that you need in order to change. It’s easy to think that change is hard for the reasons we gave above but the truth is we are changing, often though it’s not in the way we want because we’ve left it to chance. It’s time to take charge of the change.

Decide What The Best Version Of You Looks Like and Get To Work Immediately

What does the next version of you look like? What does the best version of you look like? When you have decided the answer to either of those questions you can begin immediately to be that person, to do the things that make you that person, to do the things that this new you would do and to do them immediately.

Taking charge of the change is something uniquely human. Only humans have the ability to imagine a different future and then act in such a way as to create that future. So what is it? What is the change you want to make? You were designed to make it, start today. There will be times on this process when you don’t see the best version of you and right there and then you need to say, “But that is no longer me, that is not the next version of me or the best version of me” and get right back on track with being the person that you desire to be.

It is totally freeing when you realise that you were designed to change. To know that you are able to let go of the old so that the new you can get created and rise from the ashes of what has been is so liberating. The new can begin for you today.

No one changes overnight, we know that. But no one changes at all if they do not begin.

I trust that you believe you were designed to change and if so, there’s nothing to stop you.

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