COVID -19 A GP Speaks

Hi all

I asked a GP in church to send some words I could share about Corona Virus here in the UK. Here they are.

Hi Pastor, I have penned down a few thoughts but mostly wanted to emphasise people should not neglect other health concerns while we deal with COVID-19. Hope it’s ok.


Unprecedented, isn’t it?

A word that has been used to describe the COVID-19 pandemic but the reality is we WILL BEAT this!

Truth is, the government and every organisation in UK (including the NHS) are working tirelessly and proactively in other to combat the impact of this virus, the ultimate goal is keeping us safe.

From my perspective as a GP, I can assure you all GP practices (and their partner organisations) are working tirelessly to ensure we continue to care for you while dealing with this virus. We recognise the need to beat COVID-19 but also know that people will be concerned about other health issues be it children, young, middle age and old.

We understand the continual need to tackle heart disease, respiratory problems, mental health, social issues, safeguarding issues, cancer, dementia, those in care homes and other long-term conditions including those needing palliative care. GPs will not neglect these issues but will also take seriously the negative impact of COVID-19 if not addressed systematically.

It is likely that this may mean working with your GPs to look at different ways those health issues can be addressed but let me assure you, they will be addressed. Telephone, online and video consulting are some of the many ways we are continually exploring to help address the health needs of our population. So, I encourage you to update your phone numbers at your GP surgery, sign up to online access and be open to the idea of video consulting if or when offered one.

As for COVID-19, don’t forget to use the link on IKON website ( if you need any information or if you feel you may be at risk, use this link……

Most importantly, let’s look out for one another and especially the vulnerable. WE WILL BEAT COVID-19😊😊😊