Atmosphere – the top 5 things that will shape the atmosphere around your life today

Yesterday I spoke a message entitled God is my source and in it I spoke about the atmosphere of your life and the need to be able to shift an atmosphere on Mondays as well as Sundays. So many people tell me how worshipping together in Church helps them and changes their thinking, their spirit and attitudes. So today here are the top 5 things that will change and shape the atmosphere around your life today.

  1. LANGUAGE: What you say and what you don’t say. Are you talking scarcity or abundance, are you talking faith or fear? Are you talking about opportunities or obligations, are you speaking about maximums or minimums? What do you say about yourself, remember you have naming rights.
  2. BELIEFS: Beliefs drive behaviours, so what are your convictions? Beliefs also shape character. Who do you believe you are, who do you believe God is? What is the right way to act? You probably have a belief about that if you think about it.
  3. ACTIONS: What patterns of behaviour will you follow today, positive ones or negative ones. What will you accomplish today? Even a small thing will shift the atmosphere around your life. Keep moving forward, keep moving things forward. Be kind, compassionate, send that message/gift, do it today.
  4. CELEBRATIONS: What will you celebrate today? Who will you celebrate today? It’s so easy in our culture to criticise and mainly we only do that because we feel bad about ourselves. Celebrate something or someone today. Tell someone you are thankful for them, that you admire ________ about them, tell that they make a difference in your life.
  5. VOICES: Who and what will you listen too? The biggest killer of peace, joy and happiness is the voices we listen too. I recently read these verses in some ancient wisdom; the book of Psalms chapter 38 verses 11-14 here’s a snippet.

Those who seek my hurt speak of destruction… But I, like a deaf man do not hear.

What will you be deaf to today, what voice will you allow and what voice will you reject. You are the keeper of the key…