I love september it’s like the start of a new year in the life of the church after summer. I’ve been thinking recently about how do we upgrade what we are doing, how can we think differently about stuff? One of the greatest dangers in any creative organisation and for me the Church is the most creative organisation on the planet is that there’s just a load of stuff no one is thinking about.

What aren’t you thinking about?

When we think about stuff inevitably we want to upgrade it, improve it, future-proof it, do something, anything… It’s time for an upgrade! Perhaps you lead a church or a ministry within a church, I’m absolutely convinced that there’s stuff that needs an upgrade. The reason I know that is because there are things in my world that without a shadow of doubt need upgrading!

Upgrades fix bugs! – If you’ve got some bugs/viruses in the system it’s time to fix them. you cannot optimize performance if you don’t get rid of the bugs.

Upgrades increase security, speed and stability!

If you don’t upgrade obsolete is your destination. Right now, when it comes to computers,  3rd party developers are designing with the next version of the software in mind. God is designing with the next version of you in mind, he’s planning all the things you will be able to access and enjoy once upgraded. So here are three tips to help you upgrade.

1. Change your Surroundings: You’ve got to get with some people bigger than you. People who have a different attitude. If you’re prone to be negative get with the positive people and break out of your comfort zone!

2. Change your System: Don’t keep doing what you’ve always done if nothings changing. Freshen things up, change things around. Let change impact upon everyone.

3. Change your Culture: Decide what you want and be the change, be it!  Don’t wait for it to happen, be the change, make something happen!