Building Church means Building People

In my last blog I wrote about the fact that the church is people and not the organisation or the history/tradition or the administration systems and process. Building the church therefore by definition requires the building of people. Jesus called it discipleship. Our purpose as leaders is to build the lives of people, to provide lift so that they are able to achieve greater things. The house of God is a crucible for progress, a place of capacity building and achievement, a company of over-achievers!

As Jesus builds his church he builds the individual, as he builds the individual he builds his church. Here are a few things that build the individual as we live and grow together as the people of God.

1. Encouragement.
People do not thrive in negative environments, they thrive in faith-filled learning environments that allow them to grow. We need to put courage into people, to help them to see what is possible, to guide them towards fulfilling dreams and aspirations, to navigate them through the seas of doubt and insecurity and land them on the plains of Faith, Hope & Love. The book of Hebrews tells us to encourage one another daily…

2. Joining.
Jesus doesn’t build individuals in isolation he builds community and communities and within those communities we live, learn, love and grow. It is vital then that we connect people, not just to the system, the program, the history or vision but to one another. Connectivity is vital for growth, we often give a knowing nod to this but sometimes our relational challenges hinder real community. Great leaders long to connect people knowing the benefits far outweigh the challenges.

3. Recognition & Appreciation.
As people grow we need to recognise and celebrate their achievements, we need to appreciate their contributions not because we are afraid that failure to do so would scupper our relationship, but because we are in the people-building business. Progress is as varied as the individual and so we need to be watchmen leaders who notice people and notice contributions. When someone has a great attitude and you see it, tell them. When you notice a contribution that helped say thank you, after all you are grateful, you really are!