If you want it to grow get the atmosphere right.

20110415-143814.jpg Ignore the atmosphere at your peril. Have you ever been to someone’s home, you know, just dropped in and whoa it hit you like a train. Toxicity.

Let me ask you these questions, “Did you want to stay? Did you feel awkward?” I know the answers are No and Yes. We don’t like being around negative atmospheres, negative things never grow over the long term. So if you want the church to grow, the ministry you lead within the church to grow, your connect group to grow or your business to grow you’d better give some attention to the atmosphere.

There’s some practical things you can do, some questions you can ask:

1. What’s the environment like? The environment needs to reflect the event. Is it clean/tidy. It doesn’t have to be 5 star luxury but inviting would be good. How does it smell? Have you considered the lighting?

You don’t need a “take that” light show especially for a connect group but is the mood friendly, welcoming, inviting etc..

2. What’s playing? Music is a great aid to atmosphere. It should’t be dominant as people arrive but needs to be at a level to create mood.

3. What’s the welcome like?

Pay attention to hello’s and goodbyes, this is very important! You want to people to feel welcome, tell them its great to see them! Let them know how good it was to spend time with them as they leave!

Church is all about God & People, God will take care of his part, we can take care of the people!

Business ultimately is always about people. Look after your customers and you’ll end up with some raving fans!

OK that’s the easy stuff, the physical environment but here’s some real atmosphere killers that you’ve got to make sure don’t give a stale feeling to your group, your office, your home.

– A Miserable Face. Smile more.

You and I can’t help the face we’ve been given we can determine what picture that face presents.

– A critical spirit. Loads of negativity in a room kills the atmosphere, everyone wants to get out quickly, everyone feels awkward. Don’t let negative people dominate your world.

– Anger. Did you have an argument before the connect group arrived? Deal with it, don’t let it affect people, forgive, get over it, people’s lives depend on it, your life depends on it. You think nobody knows, the truth is, everybody knows!

– Heaviness. The atmosphere needs to be fun, vibrant, faith-filled, real, relational not heavy man!

So the number one thing you should consider when preparing any event from a Sunday Service, to Tuesday’s connect group is the atmosphere. Will it help or hinder what God wants to achieve? Set it so it helps. Remember, “It’s God who gives the increase,” but we sow and water.

If you’re a leader in CLC and want more help with this for you’re event/ministry, talk to me…