Game Day

Here’s a picture of two of the girls that come with Mum & Dad to watch my son Nathan play football.This is how they dress on Game Day.

Just the other day I spoke about Sunday being Game Day for Staff, Leadership and Key volunteers in the life of the Church. It’s obvious that we are not saying that other days don’t matter but rather that the day we gather together as the Church is of great importance.

Here is one of my thoughts on Game day Sunday:

Understanding the Word Church (Ekklesia).
When explaining this word many times we hear people talk about how the etymology of the word means to be ‘called out’. Ek being ‘out of’ and Klesia from Kaleo which means ‘to call’. They will often conclude that the primary idea of the word Church is therefore a called out people and though its is not wrong to say the Church is a called out people this would not be the primary usage. The usage of the word ‘Church’ in New Testament times gives us a more accurate picture. Ekklesia would be synonymous with the Hebrew ‘Kahal’, both words simply meaning an assembly, a gathering. Therefore, anytime the Church is mentioned in the New Testament, the initial image people would have within their minds would be of a gathered people.

When Jesus said, ‘blessed are you Simon for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you but my Father in heaven, and upon this rock I will build my Church.’ In effect he was saying people will gather around this revelation of who I am and I will build an assembly around this revelation of who I am. Sunday is Game day because it’s when the Church gathers!