How to Survive the Ministry Part Two

Carrying on from my previous blog here’s part 2.


Finding the right people to do ministry with, to be on team with, to invest in can be one of the most difficult things for any leader. The difficulty is compounded in volunteer organisations. Some time ago I came across the 3C’s required of potential employees, colleagues etc. They are:

1. CHARACTER: In the ministry we want to work alongside people who just live and act like Christians. This might sound simple but my experience across many churches has been that some people in some scenarios are short on the right stuff. We’re not talking about perfection but we are talking about honesty, integrity, loyalty etc.. The truth is at the start of any relationship you don’t always know the character of a person but you can look at how they are living right now. Do they exhibit Christ-like qualities of submission, repentance, faithfulness, faith, hope, love etc.

2. COMPETENCY: Again this is not rocket science but can the person do the task, are they competent? I love it when someone over-achieves, when a person excels the capabilities I thought they possessed, our belief in people can overlook a simple fact however, that there are some things that some people cannot do and are unwilling to learn. Ask the question!

3. CHEMISTRY: This is so important. Competency can be gained, Character can mature through repentance and submission to God but can you get along and work together. We spend a lot of time working and serving together so we need to get along. This should be a given in Christian ministry but isn’t always. The dream scenario is a person who is friendly, faithful and fruitful. Oh yes and fun, enjoyable to be around!

– Value the Praise of a Friend over that of a Fan or even a Peer: ‘Faithful,’ the Bible says, ‘are the wounds of a friend.’
– Have a Long-Term view of Ministry: Most of us overestimate what we can achieve in 1 year but underestimate what we can achieve in 5.
– Keep Prophesying: Keep speaking God’s word over your life and relationships.
– Make it Yours and Pass it on: Be a receiver of truth and revelation and pass it on!