This last Sunday we had our Vision Sunday across all of our services. The atmosphere was electric as we celebrated all that God has done in Christian Life Church in 2013. As we looked towards the year ahead, 2014, I explained that we have an overarching mission that guides everything we do. This mission, we believe, is our articulation of the work of the Holy Spirit amongst us. Here’s our mission statement:

“Building relevant contemporary Churches, reaching people with the message of Jesus and equipping them to live successful Christian Lives.”

This mission: Building, Reaching, Equipping guides everything we do. It’s the work of the Spirit, its our true north, our evaluation plumb line, but on its own it’s incomplete. “The river of mission requires the banks of vision.” as Amanda White, one of our Church family put it after one of the services. Vision is the detail that keeps the mission on course to its final destination.

We have all seen that when a river bursts its banks the result is devastation. I have observed many churches with great dreams and mission ideas (often called vision), but also observed how many have not seen these accomplished, often because there was no process, no step by step movement, no incremental tweaks.Image

At Christian Life Church our mission doesn’t change but the riverbanks of vision are changing constantly to help us achieve greater effectiveness. Each year our Vision is simply the focus for the following 12 months and what will be the specific steps taken to keep the mission on track.