Leadership Summit Day One Session 3 Paul Scanlon

Leadership Elective Paul Scanlon

Building A Solution Oriented Leadership

John 6:5-13
Jesus greatest legacy and ours too is the teaching that produces the ability to renew your mind.

  • Moving in the Supernatural requires faith but not necessarily thought.
  • Lasting change is a thinking issue not a faith issue.
  • Every revolution is a thinking revolution before it is anything else.

Peter had a thought bias against non Jews. Peter would have, if he’d had it his way, built a Jewish sect called Christianity not a universal movement.

Peter had all inclusive language but an exclusive mind and culture.

We can all find ourselves singing things that we’re not living.
In 3 years of being with Jesus, this didn’t get fixed in Peter, even though the opportunity was presented many times.

God can use you powerful even whilst you carry a huge implicit bias.


  1. Solution Happen In Compassion Driven Environments: Not clarity, sympathy, duty, guilt etc. Compassion involves you in something your head hasn’t figured out yet. Compassion involves you first, gets you involved before it tells you what to do about it.
  2. Solution Oriented People Have an Advance Problem Solving Self Talk: oral speech = 300words a minute, self talk = 1200words a minute, 4X. Peter’s self talk kept him in prison to his bias. If you are a how person but that isn’t rooted in a solution oriented mindset you end up saying why it can’t be done. (Philip in this story…8 months wages wouldn’t feed these people.)
  3. Solution Oriented People See The Solution in its Unassembled Form: Andrew…there’s a kid here 5 loaves 2 fish. Leaders don’t arrive in assembled for they arrive in kit form. E.G.Chef is trained to see things in ingredient form, we have to se it in the form of a meal, the chef sees 3 possibilities from same ingredients.