Lead Summit Day 2 Session 2 – Phil Pringle


Matthew 16:13-18

The Four Essential Areas of Leadership (continued)

  1. Vision Caster
  2. Team Builder
  3. Decision Maker
  4. Problem Solver

Vision Caster (cont)
Positioning Yourself in FAITH

God lives in the positive mode

Faith enables you to function properly even when you have tough things happening.
Three Areas of Faith

  1. Faith in God:
  2. Faith in Others: (team) environment of believing in people is what this generation is looking for. As soon as you’ve got a context you’ve got discipleship. If they’re teachable we can train them. Don’t complain about what you didn’t train.
  3. Faith in You: This is the weakest link generally in most every minister. Jesus called self image sacred ground. “If you say ‘you fool’ you are in danger of hell”This is the ground under attack: “If you are the son of God…” The day that you learn to love who you are is one of your greatest days of victory.

    Every person is completely unique. You can’t use personality types stereotypically against people. e.g. “you silly sanguine, you cold-hearted choleric.”

    A lot of christian thinking is against this. What will this do to people? It will help maximise your potential.

    If you don’t love you, you won’t love your team.

    God isn’t wanting to beat you down, he’s wanting to put new clothing on you, a fresh way of thinking.

    Condemnation is the enemy of a sincere heart, a heart that wants to please God etc. It’s the enemy that wants to rub it in, Jesus wants to rub it out!


You will not fulfil your dream without your team

A dream team happens because:

  1. You select them right: Do I want another 100 of this person? Jesus built through correction. A cultural download happens in the moment of correction. “Those who receive correction are children.”
  2. Teachability: Top of the list.

Build your team and they will build your church.