14 Great Books I read 2015

permanentrevolutionHere’s a list of great books I read in 2015:

The Permanent Revolution: Alan Hirsch and Tim Catchim.

Best book I have ever read on Apostolic Ministry and the Ephesians 4:11 gifts

The Kingdom Conspiracy: Scot McKnight.

Pretty much anything by New Testament Scholar, Scott McKnight is excellent. I particularly loved his linking of Kingdom and Church in this book.

Simply Good News: NT Wright.

It’s NT Wright, he’s always good. This book focusses on the gospel as news, a proclamation.

Fellowship of Differents: Scot McKnight.

I didn’t like everything in this book, but it’s McKnight again and so that ensures some bits of brilliance.

Reformission: Paul Benger. reformissionnew2

I read my own book and I think it’s great. Loved the endorsement at the ONE EVENT from Bishop Tony Miller too.

Leadership Pain: Samuel Chand.

Leaders don’t experience pain! Spot the sarcasm 🙂 A must for every leader.

The Lost World of Adam and Eve: John H Walton.

2015 was the first exposure I had to Walton and the two books of his I read were probably my favourites.

The Lost World of Genesis One: John H Walton.

I loved Walton’s thought that the Genesis account is an account of how God ordered what he had already made.

Everything New, Reimagining Heaven and Hell: Jeff Cook

Decent little book on the difficult subject. Good follow up to the huge book I read in 2014 on this.

Desiring The Kingdom: James K.A. Smith

Another writer/philospher I love to read. This book was about how culture is formed.

Legacy: James Kerr

Great book of 15 leadership lessons from the New Zealand rugby team.

The Heaven Promise: Scot McKnight.

A very good book about the Christian Hope of Heaven. Not in any way escapist or fanciful. Solid gold. McKnight again.

The Message of Jeremiah: Chris Wright.

If you want a commentary on Jeremiah…get this one!

Good Things: Kevin Gerald.

Subtitled ‘seeing your life through the lens of God’s favour,’ this is a great and easy read allowing the reader to think more deeply about perspective and the truth of God’s goodness.

rapture exposedThe Rapture Exposed: The message of hope in the book of Revelation, Barbara R. Rossing.

This book was brilliant. Not for its debunking of the rapture theology as taught in the left behind series, although that was good. It was brilliant for its treatment of the message of Revelation and pulling out the immediate and continual meaning and application.

These are not all the books that I read in 2015 but my favourites. People often ask, “How come you read so many books.” Well, I just read for at least 30 minutes last thing at night, every night and then steal reading time when I’m at home, often.

Here’s to some great reading in 2016.