Forget To-Do Lists How About A To-Don’t List

To-don’t lists are just as important as to-do lists. There’s no doubt about it people foster success in their lives by diligently doing certain things every day … and also by diligently avoiding certain activities.

It’s impossible to flourish in the way that we all desire, if we are engaging in destructive activities on a daily basis that make for being a healthy person impossible. That’s where a to-don’t list can be really helpful.

We might call these to-don’t items anti-values. Actions and attitudes that are in opposition to how we want to live.

• Don’t envy anyone today. That’s not the way I’m choosing to live.

• Don’t make any impulse purchases today. I’m controlling my money.

• Don’t gossip today. I’ve chosen to love my neighbour, I want the best for others.

• Don’t lose my temper today. Anger uncontrolled is never positive.

• Don’t ignore my family today.

• Don’t buy into the negative spin.

• Don’t procrastinate today.

• Don’t ridicule anyone today.

• Don’t hate anyone today.

• Don’t be negative today.

• Don’t withold good from anyone today.

• Don’t avoid risk today.

• Don’t fail to set someone up to win today.

• Don’t give less than your best today.

What would be on your to-don’t list? When you ask yourself that question, only then will you become aware of the daily habits that could be pulling you backwards.

To-do’s, while a great tool that helps improve your chances for success, only get you halfway there. To-don’ts take you the rest of the way