LEAD SUMMIT – Jurgen Matthesius 1

God puts things in front of you to raise what is in you.

Genesis 1:28
Matthew 28:18-20 – this is the same plan as Gen 1:28… Just a different out working.

Everything in the kingdom reproduces after its own kind
Genesis 1:29 – everything I have given you everything you need – SEED
However, you can’t take citrus seeds and grow them in Alaska. Culture/ Environment is key.

Jurgen’s passion was to create people who passionately pursue Christ and purposefully produces Christ followers. We realised we needed a process.


Connect: Connect to God, connected to people, connected to the vision of the church… In teachable is unreachable.

Grow: HS baptism, Spiritual gifts, Motivational gifts, tithing

Serve: You don’t need a gift of serving, you just serve. Genesis 14:14 (servants born in the house)

Lead: through connect grow serve.

In respect of our sin God doesn’t just concern himself with what – he knows the what but he also knows the why.

Systems create Growth.

God is an environmental God. He creates environments for growth, you can’t grow oranges in Alaska.