Lead Summit – Paul Scanlon 2

Luke 7:1-10

Jesus was amazed. What amazes Jesus is worth taking note of.

Our resources are in Our Relationships
When we only build relationships with people who are like us it is usually an ever decreasing circle.

Build a wide circle of relationships. The centurion helped build the Synagogue…

– Man’s understanding of power not requiring presence
– 1st time healing happens with Jesus not present

Centurion factor is a kind of faith that gets God to do what no one knew that God could do, that God would do.

God would rather walk down roads for your comfort than suggest a better way because this operates according to our faith and not God’s ability. What roads is God walking down that he doesn’t need to because we have limited him?

The Centurion factor is a human being interrupting Divine intention. God calls us friends which means he’s open to our suggestions. WOW!

Why did he do this for the Centurion? – The Centurion Asked!

Who knew the Sun could stand still? Who Knew a Man could walk on Water? Who knew that sick people could be healed in a shadow

Are we all just defaulting to asking for business as usual. We have to open up to the idea that God can do for us things we’ve never thought of. You will be surprised how little God will work with.

John 20:30 – many miraculous signs which are not recorded here.