Lead Summit – Paul Scanlon 3

Cultures of encouragement are conducive to personal development. It’s an environment that can deal with failure.


1. Your job is not to fill people’s cups but to empty yours:
2. Yourself and your services are not the same thing: Jesus – John 2. You must be delivered from people before you can serve people. Your services are relatively limitless yourself is not.
3. No one who leaves you, limits you: what does limit you is clinging to people who should go. Jesus never hung on to reluctant people. It is your destiny for people to leave you, there’s a miracle in who’s left…there’s a miracle in leftovers.  Don’t look for leaders, look for ingredients of leaders. Leaders don’t come fully formed they come in kit form. Look for fragments…courage, risk-taking, work-ethic, etc.

pain management
1. Don’t pick a dream beyond your pain threshold: you can’t have a million pound vision and a 50p problem.
2. Pick your pain Hebrews 11:24: pain is  loud progress is quite. In pain we think no progress is being made.
3. Plunder your pain: There is seed in every sorrow. Make pain give you what it owes you. Make your past pay for your future.

enemy tactics
1. If the devil can’t stop you he’ll distract you: you still move but wth weakened focus. Distracted is diluted. Pharaoh to Moses “men can go but leave women and children” Moses said No…comparison, conflict, success, failure, issues can distract.
2. Not counting what counts: David counting fighting men. You are not defined by numbers. Money, popularity, size not the things that count. (Who told you it’s a barrier) Health, love, friendship.
3. The fear of appearing ordinary: the narcissism of social media. 2Timothy 3:5 – people will be lovers of themselves…rooted in the never enough syndrome

1. Great preaching does not build the church speaking about what matters does: A lot of spitting and shouting can give the appearance that something important is going on.
2. Aim to grow people and not things:
3. Address issues not behaviour. Tell us the cause…that empowers us

personal reinvention
1. You are not the same person thoughout your life:
2: The next thing comes out of the next you: You have to keep figuring you out. Specialising is the gift of maturity. Young is not the time to specialise young  is the time to experiment. As you get older reduce your repitoire. You have to figure you out.
3.Master transitions: transition is the 5th season, the season between seasons.  In the Dna of the soup (caterpillar soup) is the butterfly.