10 Facts About First-Time Visitors to Your Church

Here is something I recently shared with our staff at Christian Life Church: I have modified it slightly to share with you…hope it helps!

  1. You will have more than you think:
  2. Many are going through situations that mean they are responsive to God:
  3. First Impressions Matter: How easy is it for them to find the information they need (kids ministry, toilets etc.)? How good/genuine is the welcome? What is the atmosphere like?
  4. They are coming to you!!! (Bonus)
  5. Their visit could represent years of prayer by a church member.
  6. They will talk about their experience: statistics say between 8 and 15 times.
  7. Host teams can make a huge difference:
  8. We are to love strangers: Treating people well is one way we do that.
  9. When you invest in hosting and welcoming first-time visitors you are investing in every ministry within your church: Everything God has for the future of your ministry will come in the package of a first-time visitor.
  10. Visitors keep the air fresh: Do everything you can to create a culture of seeing more.