• We carry shame around far too long, Jesus is trying to take shame off of us
  • Shame attaches itself to our lives because 1. Things we do 2. Things that are done to us…
  • You can have a positive God Filled future
  • You can know God’s best for your life you can hit mark of God’s will
  • You are made Holy in God’s sight through Jesus (NT saints)
  • You may have failed but you still have a future
  • Your choices will form your future
  • Shame is one of the main causes of low self-esteem – the reason people don’t feel good about themselves
  • Shame causes people to be aggressive – even abusive
  • When you are free from shame you live with new confidence & boldness
  • Shame is Part of a cycle
  • It is the reason some people don’t go to church or pray
  • Shame stays longer than it should – way after we’ve asked for God’s forgiveness
  • Remember this – conviction will bring you closer to God, you’ll want to pray, want to be in church, shame & condemnation will drive you away, that’s not what God has for you

Romans 8:1 no condemnation to those in Christ